About Love Istria Travel

Love Istria Travel shows you the wonderful diversity of this county in Croatia and how you can get the most from your trip here whether your already an Istria lover, or a complete newcomer to the area.

If your idea of the best holiday is to lay on the beach, it has you covered because there are so many different kinds of beaches along the Adriatic coastline that give you alternative ways to enjoy the amazing climate and the crystal clear waters.

If, however, you are the type that likes to dig deeper into the culture of a destination, Istria has many stories to tell and sights to see. From localised cultures to stunning hilltop towns, you can come here and fill every day with something different that will make your visit so memorable.

Something else that is enticing about Istria, is the sheer energy that is given by the area into making your visit so good, you’ve just got to come back.

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